You might be thinking to yourself at this moment – What is that. The tone of that phrase likely somewhere between a question and an exclamation. And funny enough, the mark you see represents that very emotion. 

We present to you: The Interrobang.

Courtney Harper + Partners is proud to roll out, in this new year, a blog where we explore the line between question and exclamation. Throughout 2021, we will be producing a series of short posts looking at some lessons born out of our renovation experience. They will contain a dash of inquisition and a sprinkle of interjection.

We invite you to join us and hopefully, we all come out of 2021 with a few of our questions answered and some of our exclamations resolved. The first 50 people to email will receive a special gift at the end of the year for being our inaugural class of – interro-bangians.

For a more academic dissertation on the interrobang, check out its wiki:

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